Advanced kitesurfing at Almanarre

From first glides to independence

Advanced sessions mainly take place in open water, but can also be held on the beach, depending on your objectives, your skill level, and wind conditions. The courses are personalized.

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Open water kitesurfing sessions

For open water kitesurfing sessions, away from obstacles and crowds, in a peaceful and safe environment, you will have one of the best FLAT water spots in Var for kitesurfing: these are ideal conditions to refine your edges, practice upwind riding, improve your transitions, attempt your first jumps, your first rotations, and finally, play with your kite and board! Your instructor will always ensure your safety by boat. Come and take a private kiteboarding lesson.

Beach kitesurfing sessions

We also offer beach kitesurfing sessions to guide you to the last steps of your independence: the ultimate recommendations before joining the kiter population…We will propose a kite session plan to optimize your progress and ensure that your advanced kitesurfing course is perfectly tailored to your needs and skill level.

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