Kite Foil Initiation in Hyeres

Autonomous Kiters: Mastery of Kite Foil and Strapless Surf Directional Board

Experience extraordinary new sensations with Kite Foil! The foil is a magical and beautiful machine, but it is not so simple at the beginning. You need to learn with our range of foils specially chosen to facilitate your learning.

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Located in Hyeres, we are specialists and pioneers in the discipline. We have developed a special teaching method adapted to the learning of the foil, which we have been evolving for 6 years. We have optimized our quality of teaching in order to transmit our passion to you as quickly as possible and smoothly!

Learning Kite Foil has never been easier!!!

Kite foil courses are taught either in open water (with boat security) or directly on the beach, depending on the quality of the water conditions, and possibly behind the boat to help you get used to the equipment without having to manage your kite control. Indeed, the first sessions are usually done towed behind the boat in order to limit the difficulties related to balance and kite control.

These Kite Foil courses are either individual courses on the beach or shared with advanced courses in open water. Depending on the conditions, one of the two formulas will be more appropriate.

Ariane Imbert, coach of the French team for 4 years, has trained her entire team who will coach you for this new experience!

The foil loan is included in the kite foil course, you will need to use your own kite. But you can rent North equipment from the school. See you soon on the water for rides!

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