Kitesurfing lessons for kids.

Kitesurfing lessons for kids starting from 8 years old

  • Kitesurfing lessons for kids are 100% offshore without waves.
  • Groups are made up exclusively of minors.
  • Specific and adapted teaching methods for young learners.
  • Equipment is suitable even for the smallest children.

Because teaching children requires specific methods, we offer tailored kitesurfing lessons for kids.

We offer kitesurfing camps for kids and teenagers during all school holidays, from beginners to world champions! The interaction between young learners is beneficial for their learning or progress, generating undeniable group cohesion and emulation.

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Kiteboarding school for kids

For the past 8 years, our kiteboarding school for kids in Hyères has specialized in teaching young learners. We have trained children and developed specific camps in partnership with FFVL. Thanks to our professionalism, the school has been recognized by FFVL and now by FFVoile, and has been able to develop the Hyérois kiteboarding espoir team. This team is now led by Ariane Imbert and her team of coaches. Multiple coaches and pro-riders come to reinforce the team, such as Seb Garat, Val Garat, in freestyle, and Axel Mazella, Théo de Ramecourt, in foil, both from the Hyères espoir team.
We continue in this direction by welcoming children from a very young age.

Kitesurfing camps for teenagers:

Are you a minor looking to discover kiteboarding or improve your skills? Do you want to progress with friends your age? Do you want to learn new tricks and meet pro-riders? Come on, welcome champion! 😉

Kitesurfing camps for kids and safety conditions:

During kitesurfing lessons and camps for kids, we pay special attention to safety conditions. All supervising instructors are state-certified, and the kiteboarding equipment provided is renewed every year. We have smaller kites and boards that are particularly suitable for children. During kiteboarding sessions in open water, children can be in pairs or with an instructor in the water, to limit apprehension about their first sensations.

What age to start kitesurfing?

There is no specific age to start kitesurfing lessons for kids. Ideally, from the age of 11, learning kiteboarding poses no particular problem. Below the age of 11, it depends on the motivation of the child. If the child is genuinely interested, they can access the joy of kiteboarding relatively quickly. If they are pushed by their parents and not really ready or motivated, they may become disillusioned with the activity.

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