Kitesurf raid

Independent Kiters

What is a kitesurf raid? What level do I need to do a kitesurf raid?

The raid is offered to independent kiters who can ride upwind. A raid can take several forms depending on the weather conditions of the day. The raid can be a kite ride up to a mega downwind, or a long distance GPS navigation. The principle is simple: we are here to have fun together and have an unforgettable moment! The raid generally takes place over a half-day but can also be organized for a full day or a sunset aperitif!

Booking Pricing

Several raid itineraries will be proposed to you depending on the winds, your support (foil or twin tip), and your level. Come discover a new dimension of kitesurfing, in our aquatic paradise, between the Golden Islands of Porquerolles, Port-Cros, the Bay of Hyères and Almanarre, and the idyllic beaches of Salins and Brégançon.
If we go for a full day, there will be a stopover to enjoy our beautiful Mediterranean coves between two navigations, and have a small restorative picnic, or to stop in a small restaurant or a pretty hut on the islands!
In short, a customizable formula, let us know your desires, we will adapt the raid itinerary to make you experience a unique, majestic and lifelong memory day! Ideal formula for friends, family, or also for kitesurf seminars! Obviously, it is also an opportunity to meet other kiters and then go ride independently with them.

I want to be informed as soon as a raid departure is organized, even last minute, and sign up for the Spot kitecenter’s ADVENTURER Rider list!