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Come learn Kite Foil at our school with Ariane Imbert, coach of the French foil team, and her team. Learning Kite Foil is accessible but you need to have a good overall level in kitesurfing and practice kiteboarding on directional boards: strapless surf as a reference (without straps).

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Kite Foil Course for Beginners

Based on 3 sessions, we will introduce you to Kite Foil with our range of North and Taaroa foils, short masts developed for gentle learning. Thanks to these Kite Foil courses, no more worries about being taken and thrown off by machines that are too powerful and not suitable for learning!!! Its stability will surprise you. It is equipped with longitudinal tubular structures that will prevent you from hurting yourself or being cut by the sharp wings of other foils.
We will offer you either sessions behind the boat for your first glides, or sessions in open water or at the beach, depending on the weather. You will use your kites to avoid being destabilized in terms of piloting.

Kite Foil Advanced Course

You will be equipped with a foil with a long mast to progress and learn maneuvers: jibes, tacks, improve your courses (close-hauled and off-wind). You can of course use your own foil for your advanced courses!

Formula kitefoil 2017

Some footage of the French Foil team’s training before the Hyères world cup, then in competition, and also during the training of the Hyères kitesurfing talent center. This clip will…

We also offer week-long kiteboarding courses.

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