Week-long wing foil course

Beginner or Advanced Level

5 sessions of 3h30 from Monday to Friday.

The course typically starts on Monday morning for beginners and Monday afternoon for advanced riders. Then, we schedule the classes based on the weather forecast for the next day, ensuring you sail in the best conditions. Depending on the week’s weather, we may also adjust the class schedule to optimize your course, such as offering 2 sessions on the same day in case the wind is light on one of the course days.

Booking Rates

We Alternate Between 2 Types of Sessions to Enhance Your Wing Foil Learning

Open Water Wingfoil Sessions

For open water wing sessions, far from any obstacles and crowds, in complete tranquility and safety, you’ll have one of the best FLAT water spots in Var for wing foiling: these are ideal conditions to refine your flights and work on upwind or downwind riding, improve your transitions, attempt your first freefoil pumping, and play around with your wing and foil!!! Your instructor will always ensure your safety by boat.

Foil Discovery Sessions

Foil discovery will be offered using our simulator behind the boat. You’ll be towed by the school’s boat. You’ll get to experience the joys of gliding without having to manage wing control, allowing you to progress on your port and starboard stances, water start, and even your first flights from the very first lesson.

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