Introduction to Kitesurfing

Introduction to kitesurfing from level 0 to first glides

For the discovery and introduction to kitesurfing, three main types of sessions can be set up. We will always be at your service to guide you towards the one that will be most suited to your desires and needs. Kitesurfing is a complex activity that requires many skills. Depending on your experience in the sports world, some sessions may be more suitable than others.

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Introduction to kitesurfing sessions in open water

Our greatest asset, open water kite sessions! From your very first kitesurfing initiation course, we will teach you the fundamentals of piloting. Then, you will go directly into the water, assisted by your instructor from his boat. Far from any obstacles, far from crowds, in peace and safety, you will have one of the best kitesurfing spots in Var: the Rade de Hyères or the Almanarre bay.
These are ideal conditions for combining piloting and gliding, to finally do some kiting! You will be carried by the wind for several kilometers to practice at your own pace, supervised by your instructor who will ensure your safety by boat. At first, it may be difficult to go upwind, but what a pleasure to be carried along, rather than walking back up the beach after each attempt!

Kitesurfing sessions “discovering the glide”

The discovery of gliding will be offered through our kite simulator. You will be towed with the school’s boat. You will be able to experience the joys of gliding without having to manage the kite’s piloting, in order to progress on your supports, water start and even your future transitions and maneuvers.

Beach kitesurfing initiation sessions

This session, ideal when the wind is too weak for kite relaunching in the water, is for those who have never piloted a kite or traction kite, or who have had a very short experience.
This piloting session takes place on the beach or in a large area. You will learn to handle your kite and perform basic maneuvers for kitesurfing. You will discover the first sensations of traction. The basics can be acquired during these initiation courses: rigging, safety rules, triggering safety systems, power and non-power zones, discovering the kite’s flight domain. We also offer advanced courses.

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