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Kitesurf Course for Adults, Beginners, and Intermediates

Kitesurfing, also known as Kiteboarding, or “kiteboarding”, is a water sport practiced in the sea. The user is propelled by the wind using a kite commonly referred to as a “sail” or “wing”, to which the control line is attached with a harness.

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This extreme sport has become more popular, attracting increasing interest. With proper training, a kitesurfing course, private lessons, and expert advice, it is now possible to venture out onto the coastline armed with one’s kite, wetsuit, sail, and harness.

Mastering the Sail with a Kitesurf Course

It is with this goal in mind that our kitesurf school in Almanarre, Spot KiteCenter, located on the beach of Almanarre in Var (83) at Hyères, was established, to provide beginners with all the necessary advice for the proper use of their board and wing. Ariane Imbert, French champion, will supervise the adult kitesurfing courses and share her experience to help you progress quickly.

Regarding our kitesurfing courses, we offer several available options:

  • Week-long kitesurfing course for adults at beginner or intermediate levels. Practice in the best weather conditions to facilitate your kitesurfing initiation. Experienced kiters will attend an advanced session.
  • Weekend course for initiation and discovery. Ideal for taking a kitesurfing course over the weekend and re-familiarizing yourself with the kite.
  • Discontinuous kite course for enthusiasts and glide experts. Purchase a discounted number of lessons and book your course days according to your availability.
  • Children’s kitesurfing course for beginners starting from 8 years old or for those looking to improve and become independent. Our kitesurf school will supervise young kiters during personalized courses in partnership with the FFVL, with suitable equipment.
  • Adult kitesurfing course for the most experienced kiters to prepare competitors for freestyle or racing.
  • Foil course also aimed at kite experts to test this new board.

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