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How to Rig Your Kite for a Boat Drop?

how to rig your kite for a boat drop

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Kitesurfing & Freestyle Training

The Big 2020 Innovation: Wingfoil – The Spot Kitecenter Becomes Wingcenter Too

Kitesurfing Talent Development Center in Hyères – Le Spot Kitecenter

Ariane Imbert – Duotone – CAPPA – Le Spot Kitecenter

A Day with The Spot Kitecenter, Kitesurfing School in Hyères

Focus on Kitesurfing Courses at Spot Kitecenter in Almanarre

zoom cours kitesurf spot kitecenter

A Kitesurfing Drop with The Spot Kitecenter

The Spot Kitecenter – Kitesurfing School – Hyeres Almanarre

The Spot Kiteschool, 3 Years Anniversary!

Formula Kitefoil 2017

The Spot KiteCenter – Kitesurfing School in Hyères

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