Wing foil courses

What is Wing Foil?

Wing Foil is a compact sail that pulls you on a paddleboard or even a SUP foil, delivering unique, accessible, and fun experiences!

You’ll experience the thrill of foil, kite, surfing, and even windsurfing. A blend of all trendy water sports, the wing is playful and gives you a feeling of freedom as you’re not tethered.

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How to Practice Wing Foil?

You can practice anywhere, with family, friends, or solo! The initiation takes place on the beach or on a paddleboard. You’ll learn to handle the wing. Then, we’ll introduce you to foil towing behind a boat, or directly with the wing if you’re already experienced in foil boarding. We teach either on the beach or in open water, depending on conditions, to not limit progression due to shorebreak or windward returns.

Finally, we’ll advance your maneuvers and your first surfs!!!

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How Does a Wingfoil Course Proceed?

Here’s an example of a beginner’s Wingfoil course at Spot Kitecenter, Wingcenter!! A beginner’s Wingfoil course consists of three stages:

  1. The first: handling the wing (the wing) with waterstart simulation, movements, and finally transitions, all from the beach.
  2. The second: succeeding in sailing different courses at very low speed without the foil coming into action, board on the water.
  3. The third: gaining more speed to fly on the foil at all points of sail. After this first course, the most skilled can also try transitions (turns), that is, jibes and tacks.

To conclude, we adapt our teaching methods to each of our students while taking into account your experience in other sports: kite, board, SUP, or foil. So, Welcome 😉

The Big New Thing: WING FOIL

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