Children and teens wing foil course

Wing foil courses for children from 8 years old

  • Kids wing courses 100% offshore with no waves.
  • Groups made up exclusively of minors.
  • Specialized and adapted teaching methods for young learners.
  • Equipment suitable for even the smallest participants.

Because supervising children requires specific teaching methods, we have designed tailor-made wing courses just for them.

Children’s courses run from Monday to Friday.

There is a daily 3.5-hour session, which we adjust according to the weather to facilitate their learning in the best conditions. The groups are made up 100% of minors. We try to keep the same groups to create a sense of camaraderie and good harmony. We adapt and individualize all our courses, so the progression is different for each child.

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Our primary goal is to share our passion and make all these future gliders happy!
Just like for adults, the wing foil courses consist of different sessions:

Open water wing foil sessions

For the open water wing sessions, the instructor ensures safety and supervision from the boat, closely following your child and guiding them.

“Discover the foil” wing foil sessions

The discovery of the foil will be offered through our wing simulator. You will be towed with the school boat. They can experience the joys of gliding without having to manage the wing, allowing them to progress in their balance, water start, and even their first flights from the very first session.

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